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Search of Your Unknown Wealth & Reclaim

Getting your decesed famaily members Shares
Duplicate Share Certificates
Reclaiming of Shares and Dividend from IEPF
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First, let us start with What we are not which generally people confuse with, Supergrowth is not in a stockbroker, Mutual Fund distributer, Insurance Agent, Home loan, Car loan or Personal loan or Micro Financing Firm, Payment Bank, Wealth or Portfolio Manager, Credit Card or Bank.

Supergrowth is a Wealth Discovery and Reclaiming Service firm. Supergrowth only handles assignments related to physical share certificate and dividend, bonus shares on those shares which you lost or losing due to thousands of reasons most prominent ones are the change of address, the death of family members, loss of share certificates, not knowing the investment made by the deceased family member, etc. Supergrowth handles the transfer of physical share certificate which you couldn't transfer it due to any reason, claiming of shares, bonus shares and the dividend which company transferred to Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF).

Supergrowth is a niche service provider, having unmatched expertise in Share Certificate Consultation domain offering its services to various individuals and entities in India and abroad. Our clientele includes Stock Brokers, Corporates, Bankers, businessmen, and current and retired Pvt. Sector and govt. employees apart from a lay investor

Supergrowth was incorporated in 1992 just before Harshad Mehta Scam broked and handled tainted shares issue of that scam ( People who were in investors on those days knows the menace it had created in the market.)
Our expertise lies in the discovery of one's hidden wealth and reclaiming of that. It is just coincidence that we are Nariman Point based firm and Nariman Point is built on reclaimed land. That is why it is called Backbay Reclamation too.
There is a good probability that you or your family member might have invested and forgotten or not informed a few of investments due to various reasons like death, the change of address, change of companies name, loss of physical certificates/ receipt, mergers of companies, etc. are few prominent reasons out of thousands of others. We are specialist in discovering those investments and reclaiming them. Our AI (Artificial Intelligence) and NLP (Natural Language Processing) system use cutting edge technology to find them and connecting all the dots and our legal and corporate and stock market experts use their expertise in reclaiming them. Links below will provide you answer of your specific queries

If you have little doubt that you or your family member, friends, current or ex-colleague or any acquaintance might have lost track of their investment let us know we will get the needle from the haystack.

For further details and sorting out of queries, contact us at info@supergrowth.in or call us at +91 22 9821159921


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